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Salman’s Kick Beats Shah Rukh’s Darr

Salman’s Kick Beats Shah Rukh’s Darr

The longest chase sequence in the Bollywood was hold by Shah Rukh Khan in the film ‘Darr’. But Salman Khan who plays a Devilish character in the film ‘Kick’ is all set to break that record. The chase sequence of the film has been shot in Delhi.
The film directed by Sajid Nadiadwala has a couple of chase sequences in the film on various vehicles; bicycle, modified bike and a double decker bus. The one shot in Old Delhi is more complicated since it had to be shot on busy streets and narrow lanes. Salman is doing wheelie and jumps with the bicycle. He is doing unusual stunts at some landmark places in Delhi. There were multiple cameras were set on the terrace of some buildings to get the shots right.
The film has Jacqueline Fernandez as a female lead and it is scheduled to release on Eid.

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