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Sajid Khan’s weight loss woes

Sajid Khan's weight loss woes

Sajid Khan has a problem – whenever he starts directing a film, he ends up piling on a few kilos. But after “Housefull”, he is now trying to lose all the flab with rigorous exercise on the treadmill.

“I’ve been trying to lose a little weight these days. Whenever I direct a film, I take out all my frustration on food. I don’t drink. So when I’m stressed, I eat. But losing the flab becomes a big task after the film releases,” Sajid told IANS.

The director says he weighed 86 kgs before he began shooting “Housefull”, but he gained 10 kgs by the end of it. After his treadmill sessions, he has managed to come down to 90 kgs, and he is still struggling to shed more.

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