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‘Sainma’ A Magical Film: Carries Rural Flavour – Review

'Sainma' a magical film: Carries Rural Flavour

Sainma… Is it a short film! Can’t be exactly listed under small movie. It’s obviously more than a short film, can be described as the most advanced version of a short film in local language. To say in a word sainma is simple and more than sweet which carries the local flavour of telugu.

Back ground music in the movie is really fantastic. The real conditions of a telangana village is picturised in a quiet natural way.

The story line is simple but elevated to a great extent by the screen play. Rural telugu audience can identify themselves in the film and in the characters played.

No doubt at all that sainma is having all the qualities of a great short film. Sainma can cross all the boudaries of it, and turning into a big movie in the hearts of audience.

Conversations between telangana village guys, their’s body langage and mannerism exactly carried in the movie. They have not tried a new thing, just as it is narrated the pure local flavour.

As per the story bandi ramchander known as ram in the village owns a theater. The guy who just crossed his teenage have great interest to work in film industry.

The dialogues between the characters gives real fun and kick to the audience.

The story deals with how he gets an opportunity from film industry, and how he succeeds to get green signal to marry his beloved girl.

To sum up it’s a kind of film having unique quality which certainly become a sensation. 4.2 points can be given out of 5 for this short film.

Sainma song – Merise Merise

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