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Saif objects to Kareena’s revealing dress

The news is spreading like wildfire that Saif Ali Khan dumped Kareena in Bangkok during the IIFA Awards celebrations.

According to sources, it all started when Saif saw Kareena in revealing outfit, which was meant for her performance at the IIFA awards function in Bangkok. Saif started complaining about her outfit inside the van. He didn’t want her to wear revealing cloth for the performance. Kareena tried to explain her point of view but he was clearly disappointed.

Both Saif and Kareena stormed out of the van and headed straight for the event. All eyes were on Saif while Kareena was performing but he looked disappointed. Then the couple returned to the van after the performance. Saif left alone in his car, not listening to Kareena’s plea to stay back.

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