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Saif Ali Khan and Abhay Deol in zombie films

Saif Ali Khan and Abhay Deol in zombie films

Finally, the genre of zombie films is making its entry into Bollywood. Abhay Deol will be seen as a zombie in the film Shaadi of the Dead which is being directed by Navdeep Singh of Manorama Six Feet Under fame. EvenĀ Saif Ali Khan announced a zombie film titled Go Goa Gone which will be produced by him. He will also play the lead in the film.

Zombies are creatures usually portrayed as either reanimated corpses or mindless human beings. They are different from ghosts, vampires and aliens. The most popular zombie films are the Hollywood films A Virgin Among The Living Dead, After Death, Alien Dead, After Sundown and Army of Darkness among others.

Though horror films are not as popular in India as they are in western countries, films like Raaz 1 & 2, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Raat, Bhoot, 13B, Phoonk, Darna Zaroori Hai met with reasonable appreciation from the audience.

Sources say that both the zombie films Shaadi of the Dead and Go Goa Gone are targeted at the multiplex viewers.

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