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Sai Replaces Balayya

Sai Replaces Balayya

Balayya was keen to do a film with the ace director Boyapati Srinu, and the director had set a script for the actor as well. Then comes the twist when Balakrishna’s close aids suggested him to opt out himself from the project as it may end up a succession of  Simha and Legend.

So, Boyapati’s next choice came surprising as he picked the one-movie star Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas. Boyapati has no worries about budget as his banner is a huge one; he just need to complete the shoot and release the movie as soon as possible.

Many are wondering if a story written for Bala Krishna would suit Srinivas. They are sure that a young hero cannot do justice to that kind of script. It remains to be seen how Boyapati will tackle this situation.

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