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Saawariya Ranbir will now be rAAnbir

Saawariya Ranbir will now be rAAnbir Son of Rishi Kapoor, actor Ranbir Kapoor may not have had a great debut with Saawariya, but he has been so appreciated for his talent that he has to his credit a number of projects on hand, not to mention his girl friend, the glamorous Deepika Padukone

However, noted numerologist Niraj Mancchanda thinks that Ranbir can do better by adding an ‘A’ to his name, which currently adds up to number 40.

It is known that many actors have been bitten by the numerology bug. While Ektaa Kapoor and Karan Johar believe that it’s the K factor that keeps their khazana overflowing, Ritesh Deshmukh gave in to Riteish Deshmukh, and once upon a time Sunil Shetty now stylishly spells his name as Suniel. Actor Kareena was fancily called Kareina and Jimmy, too, is in the secure zone by changing Shergill to Sheirgill.

Vivek Oberoi changed the spelling of his name at the behest of his mother to Viveik, and Govinda who was fondly called Chi Chi, suddenly woke up one day and insisted that he be called Govinda and not Chi Chi, as it was numerologically not viable.

According to Niraj, Raanbir Kapoor comes to a 41, or then Raanbier Kapoor which comes to a 46, is good for him. It will set right his otherwise cyclic career defined by up-and-down phases, and give him a constant upward career graph.

Now, is Ranbir going to fall for this one, or would he rather just go with the flow that 40 brings with it?

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