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Russell Brand was infatuated with Kate Moss

Russell Brand was infatuated with Kate Moss

London, Sep 20, British comedian Russell Brand has for the first time spoken out about his relationship with supermodel Kate Moss, revealing their relationship didn’t work as he was just infatuated with her.

In his autobiography “Booky Wook 2: This Time It’s Personal”, Brand says he was at the beginning of his career when he met Moss and her friend Sadie Frost at a gig in 2006. He admits he was in awe of the catwalk queen and they embarked on a secret romance.

However, both have remained tight-lipped about their relationship. “I had a mad infatuation with her. I didn’t feel all cool. It didn’t feel like a conquest, it felt like a fall down a well. I was like a 12-year-old,” dailystar.co.uk quoted him as saying.

“When I saw she was there (at the gig) I felt totally overwhelmed because she is obviously incredibly beautiful and she is Kate Moss… She sort of looked at me and smiled, then she sent me a text message a bit later, saying, ‘Do you wanna meet up?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll come round.’ I did go round…,” he added.

But the “Get Him To The Greek” star, who is now engaged to pop star Katy Perry, admits he knew there was no future to the budding relationship.

He adds, “I f**ked that up because I really, really liked her. It was never going to go anywhere but it was mad. I just thought she was remarkable.”

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