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Russell Brand enjoys sober stag party

Russell Brand enjoys sober stag party

London, Sep 28, British comedian Russell Brand enjoyed a sober stag party with his celebrity friends over the weekend.

The former alcohol and drug addict, who is set to marry singer Katy Perry next month, enjoyed with a host of star friends, including ex-Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher, comedian David Walliams and TV presenter Jonathan Ross, with a weekend of activities which included watching a soccer match and raft building, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

The bash – which was organised by Brand’s manager, Nik Linnen – started at The Grove hotel in Hertfordshire, near London, Saturday where Brand and his friends were taken by bus to watch a soccer game before privately dining at the York and Albany restaurant. The party then eventually ended up at table dancing club Angels.

“It was the most sober stag party in the history of nightclubs,” said Angels club owner Peter Stringfellow.

“It was excellent and we really enjoyed ourselves – including Noel. It was a wonderful night and everybody behaved themselves respectably,” he added.

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