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Run of the mill “Jokali” fails to enthuse (Kannada Film Review)

Jokali Kannada Film Review

It is not easy to find an element of originality in the story of Kannada films these days. Story of most of the recent films has been run of the beaten track and has failed to draw the audience to the theatres. Anaji Nagaraj’s “Jokali” is one perfect example of how even top producers fall into the same trap and make meaningless ventures.

“Jokali” is bereft of any fresh element in the screenplay and everything in the film is easily predictable.

The script is just a rehash of several films and the narration is flawed. Debutant director Deepak’s unimaginative direction coupled with lacklustre performances from the artists is the main drawback of the film, though S.A. Raj Kumar’s music composition is appealing.

Deepak had earlier worked as an associate with directors like Om Prakash Rao and others but has not picked up the knack of narrating an engaging story on the screen like his mentor. His lacklustre work is in full evidence throughout the film. Most of the sequences look unconvincing and lack credibility.

Another drawback is that the director has failed to get decent performances from the film’s new artists. The film also suffers from overacting by veteran artists.

The story revolves around a poor boy, Veda, who works in a touring tent run by Raghanna. Sujatha who hails from a rich family is the doting sister to two brothers who enjoy a lot of clout in the village. Circumstances force Sujatha to love Veda who also starts responding to her love after initial reluctance.

But this is not acceptable to Sujatha’s brothers – the village head and a police inspector. The police inspector employs criminals to even kill Veda. Veda’s mother gets killed by one of the heinous plans of Sujatha’s brother.

Sujatha decides to move away from Veda as his life is threatened.

Sujatha goes away to the city and later meets Veda who is now a popular television anchor there.

Love blooms again between the two and how they consolidate and move forward forms the rest of the story.

The film’s new hero Gowrishankar can really be groomed as an actor.

He shows his talents in the action sequences and dance sequences. But he does not come off well in emotional sequences. He has to learn a lot on the performance side.

Udaya Tara is inconsistent in her performance. Ravi Kale comes off good, but Rangayana Raghu overacts. Bullet Prakash and Umashri has very little scope to perform.

Two songs of the film are well composed, but the choreography work could have been much better. The camera work is just ordinary.

“Jokali” is ordinary fare with a predictable story and a hackneyed script. The only saving grace is the fight sequences which are a treat to watch.

Film: “Jokali”;

Producer: Anaji Nagaraj;

Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction: Deepak;

Music: S.A.Raj Kumar;

Camera: Venus Murthy;

Cast: Gowri Shankar, Udaya Tara, Ravi Kale, Rangayana Raghu, Umashri, Bullet Prakash, Rekha;

Rating: * 1/2

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