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Rowdy Movie Review

Rowdy Movie Review

The story begins with an aggressive fight some goons are chasing Shanvi, our young and dynamic hero Manchu Vishnu has introduced and saves her from goons. Manchu Vishnu introduced as Krishna and Shanvi as Sirisha. Dialogue King Mohan Babu has been introduced in a influential as an enforcer of justice named as Anna. He treated as god father of the people in his village. He works for the noble cause of stopping a huge government project that would end up having a drastic effect on public. As usual, there are some bad guys who try to approve the same project for Cores of profit. Mohan Babu’s elder son Bhushan ends up revealing him while the younger one. Krishna (Manchu Vishnu) on the other hand is quiet and sincere. How the project is solved and what happens next is the rest of the story

Plus Points
Mohan babu dialogues
Interval block is very good.
Minus points
Routine story
Slow Narration
Lengthy Fights

Every known that the director Ram Gopal Varma movies did not have any importance to story and these is also a routine story. The First half of film drags a lot and second half works to a bit. Second half then turns routine with revenge saga filled with bloodshed. Other than too much of action and violence sequences there is nothing to be highlighted. Action lovers may like up to certain extent but family audience can absolutely stay away. Overall movie is one time watchable movie.

Technical support
Production values are okay. Stunt choreography is ok. Music and background score is good. Editing is crispy while Satish Murella’s cinematography is good.

Final talk
Overall it is average to below average movie. One time watchable movie.

The Rating
2.75 out of 5

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