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Routine Love Story Movie Review

Routine Love Story Movie Review

Prastanam fame Sundeep Kishan and Regina Cassandra is coming with their Routine Love Story under Praveen Sattaru who impressed all with his LBW. Let us see what Routine Love Story has it in store.


Engineering student Sanju (Sundeep Kishan) and Tanvi(Regina Cassandra) become friends from being class mates. Soon Sanju who secretly starts loving Tanvi, expresses his love for which Tanvi seeks some time to find out her feelings for reciprocation. Surprising aspect is both Sanju and Tanvi don’t believe in the traditional custom of marriage. Where this will lead to, what are the complications involved in it, whether Tanvi reciprocates Sanju’s love should be experienced on Big Screen.


Sandeep Kishan comes out with a neat performance. He is carrying n from where he left in Prasthanam. He has bright future in the industry. Regina impresses all with her looks and acting style. Film makers will surely take note of her in the coming days. MS.Narayana, Tagubotu Ramesh, Jhansi,Krishnudu,Chandra Mohan did their bit to liven with their comedy tracks.


Director Praveen Sattaru came out with a neat and decent love story which will impress all sections of people. Even songs are good and this added value to the film. However slow pace of the film is a big minus along with the comedy track which looks like to have been included to entertain masses.


Film has good production values. Mickey J Meyer is continuing from Happy Days. He scored good music for Life is Beautiful and then impressed all with songs in this film. Editing and Cinematography by Dheerendra and Suresh Bhargav added value to the film.

Final Word

Routine Love Story is not at all routine and will impress all making them fall in love.

Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Regina Cassandra, MS Narayana, Vennela Kishore, Hema, Chandra Mohan
Director: Praveen Sattaru
Produced: Chanakya Booneti
Written by Praveen Sattaru
Starring: Sundeep Kishan
Regina Cassandra
Music: Mickey J. Meyer
Cinematography: Suresh Bhargav
Editing: Dharmendra
Release date(s) November 23, 2012

The Rating
3 out of 5

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