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Ronan Keating still fighting to save marriage

Ronan Keating still fighting to save marriage

London, Aug 16 (IANS) Boyzone star Ronan Keating and wife might have reconciled but their marriage is still going through the rough patch.

Two weeks ago the singer, whose affair with dancer Francine Cornell, 26, was uncovered in May, claimed his 12-year marriage to Yvonne was back on track.

However, one of the friends has spoken out insisting that the reconciliation is “far from a done deal”, the couple sleeping in separate beds and Yvonne still not wearing her wedding ring.

“Ronan and Yvonne are still separated and that remains the sitaution. They spend time together for the sake of the children but they still sleep in separate beds and separate rooms. Talk of everything being hunky dory is nonsense,” mirror.co.uk quoted the friend as saying.

“Obviously they both hope deep down they can get through this, but they are not back together.”

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