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Robot to open box-office flood gates

Robot to open box-office flood gates

Tollywood is looking dry so far with movies released in the recent past opening to mixed responses. From October to December movies of big heroes coming with great expectations.

Khaleja, Robot and Brindavanam will be releasing with just weeks gap. Rajnikanth, Mahesh Babu and Junior NTR all of them have stamina to bring bumper openings. Khaleja is coming after the super hit of Athadu in the combination of Trivikram and Mahesh Babu. Anushka glamour and Mani Sharma’s music will be bonus for the audience.

Robot tipped to be the costliest movie of Asia is coming on October 1. Past success stories of director Shankar and Rajnikanth craze has doubled the expectations moviegoers across the world.

Robot maker who coughed about Rs 175 crore are not leaving anything to chance. They are planning for 10,000 shows on day one. That itself is a record.

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