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Right Yaaa Wrong Hindi Movie Review

Right Yaaa Wrong Movie Review

The Film
Right Yaa Wrong has a tag line…What is Right? What is Wong? Who will decide? Then the film essays… Who is Right? Who is Wrong? Is this action thriller film Right or Wrong? You, the audience will decide.

The Synopsis
Ajay Shridhar (Sunny Deol) is a brave and an intelligent police officer. He is a

Right Yaaa Wrong Hindi Movie Review

great friend and peer to another cop Vinay Patnaik (Irrfan Khan). There is mutual admiration between them and also intense rivalry for supremacy…a sort of intense professional competition to show that “I am much better than you”.

By a strange quirk of fate, an incident occurs which provokes Ajay Shridhar to enact his death (or does he truly want to be dead?). But, again as the fates would have it, he wants his wife Anishta (Eesha Koppikhar) to kill him. Will she agree to kill her own husband? Why would Ajay want to kill himself?

In this powerful mind games between Ajay and Vinay, there enters Radhika Patnaik (Konkona Sen Sarma), sister of Vinay She is a divorcee and a practicing lawyer. Why does she support Ajay and not her brother?

With increasing doses of dramatic confrontations, the thrilling intensity of

Right Yaaa Wrong Hindi Movie Review

chilling intrigue leads to an exciting yet unanticipated climax.

The Performances
Sunny Deol is at his best in a film that gives him ample scope to showcase his acting skills. Irrfan Khan, as usual, is methodical and underplays a powerful role. Eesha Koppikhar is appealing and performs well in an author backed role. Does Konkona Sen Sarma have a personal personality at all? In every film, she perfectly goes under the skin of the character she plays. Does she always live other’s lives?

Aryan Vaid and Deepal Shaw are quite adequate. Kiron Kher and Anjan Srivastava are their usual selves. Sanjay Singh, Ali Haji, Khushbu Gupta,

Right Yaaa Wrong Hindi Movie Review

Govind Namdeo, Ashok Samarth and Kamlesh Sawant do fit their roles.

The Techniques
Neeraj Pathak has made a truly thrilling film which the film buffs of that genre would not mind to lap it up. The screenplay and dialogues are good. Cinematography by Ravi Walia adds to the chill of narration. Monty Sharma’s music creates the right moods. The film is technically well made and the production values are high.

The Verdict
The website http://www.rightyaaawrong.com/
Says, “The most chilling racy thriller which shakes you up and keeps you on the edge of your seat till you know…What is Right? What is Wrong?… And Who will decide?”

Now, you go and watch the film and you decide whether the film is Right or Wrong.

Right Yaaa Wrong Hindi Movie Review

The Cast and Crew

Sunny Deol, Irrfan Khan, Eesha Koppikar, Aryan Vaid, Konkona Sen Sharma, Anjan Srivastava, Kirron Kher, Deepal Shaw, Shaurya Chauhan, Sanjay Singh, Ali Haji, Khushbu Gupta, Govind Namdeo, Ashok Samarth and Kamlesh Sawant

Director: Neeraj Pathak
Producer: Neeraj Pathak, Krishan Choudhary, Puneet Agarwal
Music Director: Monty Sharma
Lyricst: Sameer
Cinematography : Ravi Walia
The Rating
3 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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