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Ride Telugu Movie Review

Ride Telugu Movie Review

Ride Telugu Movie Review

The Film

Ride is a story of two good friends who are passionate about motor bike riding and desperately want own their own bikes, but each of them cannot own a bike for different reasons. This is an energetic youthful action drama.

Ride Telugu Movie Review

Ride Telugu Movie Review

The Synopsis

Mahesh (Tanish) and Arjun (Nani) are good friends and come from middle class families. They are mad about motor-cycle riding but cannot own them. Arjun’s father (Ahuthi Prasad) can afford to buy bike, but his priority is to save money for the rainy day.

Both Mahesh and Arjun have their girl friends Rani (Swetha Basu Prasad) and Pooja (Aksha) respectively.

When his father (Kasi Viswanath) retires and bedridden, Mahesh joins as a recovery agent in a company and the manager (Brahmanandam) there insists that Mahesh should by a mo-bike or he would lose his job. Mahesh’s mother (Tulasi) gets her son a bike.

One day tragedy strikes when the mo-bike of Mahesh is stolen. As he is searching for his motor cycle, he finds his friend Arjun riding on his bike.

The rest of the story deals with the mystery of the stolen bike.



The Performances

Both Tanish and Nani have given energetic performances with youthful verve and vigour. Both Swetha and Aksha essayed their roles well. Kasi Viswanath and Ahuthi Prasad acquit themselves with conviction. Brahmanadam is his usual self. All other actors are adequate in their roles.

The Techniques

Though the premise of the story is simple, the story has been woven with some innovative screenplay with meaningful dialogues. The twists in the tale help the flow of narration. The presentation is quite modern and pleasing.

Shyam K Naidu’s cinematography is good and enhances the narration value. Editing and audiography are adequate. Music by Hema Chandra is above average. Ramesh Varma has done a good job of direction particularly with an out of the mainstream subject.



The Verdict

Ride does not take the audience for a ride. It is an energetic action flick with generous doses of vigour and vivacity. This film would appeal to all youngsters of both genders. Elders can feel nostalgic.

The Cast and Crew

Nani, Tanish, Swetha Basu Prasad, Aksha, Ahuthi Prasad, Kasi Viswanath, Thulasi, Sudha, Gowrav, Brahmanandam, Hema, Darmavarapu Subramanyam, Rajitha, Deekshithulu, Gayatri, Ushasri and others.

Dialouges: Shashank Vennelakanti

Music:Hema Chandra

Cinematography: Shyam K Naidu

Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh

Banner: Sri Sai Ganesh Productions

Screen Play and Direction: Ramesh Varma

The Rating

2.50 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar
([email protected])

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