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Ricky Martin more creative after sexuality revelation

Ricky Martin more creative after sexuality revelation

London, Sep 14, Ricky Martin’s long-term collaborator Desmond Child has said the singer’s decision to tell fans about his sexuality has unleashed his creativity in the recording studio.

“I’m really excited about the music, the content, because the revelations unleashed his creativity and the scope of what he can sing about and say and do,” contactmusic.com quoted Child as saying.

“Once he opened that door a floodgate of energy and creativity just really exploded,” he said.

The “Livin’ La Vida Loca” hitmaker spoke about his sexuality early this year and has since felt able to express himself more freely in his material.

Child also revealed Martin’s next album is set to impress. “We really reached a creative fusion of rock and pop and electronic and Latin music — it’s all over the place in a really great way.”

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