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Richard Gere injured, shooting put off for six weeks

Richard Gere injured, shooting put off for six weeks

London, Sep 3, Actor Richard Gere has dislocated his shoulder while filming a fight scene for “The Double”, causing production to be put on hold for six weeks.

Gere insisted on doing the fight scene with the British actor Tamer Hassan for “The Double”.

Hassan says that his illustrious co-star, who turned 61 this week, should, however, be given top marks for his pluck, reports telegraph.co.uk.

“We had been rehearsing for four weeks every night and Richard was great, but he had a problem with his shoulder,” said Hassan, who is 19 years Gere’s junior.

“I said, ‘Look, Richard, just slip in where you can.’ But, oh, no, not Richard, he went: ‘I want to do it.’ He did it and dislocated his shoulder.”

Hassan, who made the headlines earlier this year when he became involved in a real-life fight with his fellow hard-man actor Vinnie Jones, says that, even now, Gere is not prepared to call in the services of a stunt man.

“So the production has closed down for six weeks because of Richard’s shoulder and I just got told on Monday that he is going to come back and do it himself again. So fair play to him, and he looks as beautiful as he always did.”

Most actors at least like to give the impression that they do their own stunts. A notable exception is Sir Roger Moore, who, refreshingly, made no bones about sitting out his action sequences in the James Bond films.

When his stunt double Martin Grace died earlier this year, Sir Roger, 82, said: “He was the bravest man I’ve ever known.”

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