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RGV’s Political call to Power Star!

RGV's Political call to Power Star!

Ram Gopal Varma known to hog in the media limelight seems to be choosing the on going movements for and against Telangana in Andhra Pradesh. While couple of days back he tweeted that an Iltalian,Bhiari,Chennaiite, Delhite colluded and divided the state, this time he went ahead and asked Power Star Pawan Kalyan to enter into politics.

Sharing his views on twitter and making it clear he has nothing against Chiranjeevi, he said Pawan is better leader than MGR or Chiranjeevi. He said had Pawan led Praja Rajyam Party, they would have got absolute majority. He even said Pawan’s honesty,intensity,charishma is not seen in any politician eyes. He said if Pawan stars a political party, he will stand in queue to vote for him though he didnot vote in his life time.

Many wondered why he chose this occasion to lavish praises on Pawan. Many feel it is only for chances though Ramu said it is not for film chances.

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