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RGV totally changes visual imagery rules of films

RGV totally changes visual imagery rules of films

Ram Gopal Varma is all set to change the way visuals are shown in cinemas. He has used a novel technique to shoot Department and a video showing some of the visuals is now on the net.

This is what Ram Gopal Varma has to say on the cinematographic technique employed in the making of Department: “For too long our cinema has been stuck in a particular visual language.Department changes the visual imagery completely. The kind of technology I’ve used made it possible for me to re-invent the cinematic language. I’ve used 5-6 cameras to shoot my characters in angles and positions not seen before in films. In Department, I want to change the complete image of the visual medium and how audiences look at the characters. The audience would feel the enhanced impact of what the characters are trying to express. What I’ve tried to achieve in the visual style of Department is beyond anything attempted in our cinema.”

RGV cites the examples of Hollywood films The Blair Witch Project and Steven Soderberg’s Traffic which were also shot with hand-held cameras.

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