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RGV to shoot only with Arri Alexa Digital Camera

RGV to shoot only with Arri Alexa Digital Camera

is known for experimenting with new techniques and equipment for his films which also have novel themes and innovative screenplays.

RGV has shot hia recent films Rakta Charitra 1 and 2 with RED camera. But for his Telugu film Katha Screenplay Direction: Appalaraju, he shot the entire film with Arri Alexa Digital Camera. Now he says that he will only use this camera for his forthcoming films.

RGV says that Arri Alexa Digital Camera produces images that have the organic look and feel of film, delivering incredible production value at an affordable cost. He adds that focus and depth of field can be manipulated to create rich and spellbinding images that audiences associate with cinematic storytelling. He further says that with this camera shooting at night is possible with fewer lights or in available light and day can be shown as night and vice-versa

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