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RGV to rename Bejawada Rowdylu

RGV to rename Bejawada Rowdylu

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma started shooting for his film Bejawada Rowdylu and the shooting in Vijayawada raised protests from almost all section of the citizens of the city. In one of the scenes being shot, musclemen were seen chasing some people in broad daylight in Vijayawada.

With mounting pressure from the public, RGV is said to have decided to change the title of the film. Though the final title is not yet decided, for the time being, the working title is just Bejawada. The film is said to be on similar lines of Rakta Charitra 1 & 2 with lot of violence and action.

The film has Naga Chaitanya in the lead and the speculation is that the film could as well be Shiva 2 after RGV’s debut directorial venture starring Naga Chaitanya’s father Nagarjuna.

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