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RGV- Naga Chaitanya Bezawada Rowdeelu begins

RGV- Naga Chaitanya Bezawada Rowdeelu begins

Nagarjuna introduced Ram Gopal Varma with his movie Shiva which became sensational hit and gave new direction to Nag’s career and established RGV as one of the top-notch directors.

Now, Ram Gopal Varma is producing a movie titled Bezawada Rowdeelu with Naga Chaitanya. The movie began on May 12 in Vijayawada.

Bezawada Rowdeelu is directed by Vivek Krishna. Kiran Kumar is co-producer. The movie‘s story is based on the events that took place about 20 years ago.

Bezawada Rowdeelu will showcase a new angle of  Naga Chaitanya whose latest movie 100 % Loveis doing well at the box-office. The movie is expected to hit theatres for Dasara.

A popular heroine will be paired with Naga Chaitanya. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Abhimanyu Singh, Ahuti Prasad, Shubhalekha Sudhakar, Mukul Dev, Ashok Kumar, Phani, Bharat, Shravan etc star in the movie.

Amir Mohle, Prem, Dharam Sandip and Vishal will compose music. Fights will be by Izaz Javed. Story-screenplay-dialogues-direction by Vivek Krishna.

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