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Rgv’s Open Letter, Open Challenge

Rgv’s Open Letter, Open Challenge

The reviews of ‘Ice Cream’ seem to be haunting the ace director Ram Gopal Varma. Recently he wrote an open letter to all the critics and called them for an open challenge in public.

The letter said,”I feel pity on these review-writers who always feel angry on me as I don’t care about them. All these reviewers who need no qualification to become a review writer should now teach me how to make good films”.

Varma used some harsh words on critics saying,” Rather barking in the dark, they should come out for an open debate to explain how I should have made Ice Cream’, said Varma. He challenged review writers saying, ‘If they don’t come open to talk about it on a public platform then they are like dogs barking in the dark to me”.

The ace director also wrote, “’If blabbering whatever that comes to mind after watching a movie is called a review, then every viewer is a reviewer himself. Box office recovery against the making-costs is the actual measurement for a movie’s success, and Ice Cream got profits on day one itself”.

The director also clarified that he is not writing this letter out of anger. Critics’ reaction to this letter would be interesting to see; let’s wait.

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