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RGV’s Not A Love Story releasing on August 19

RGV’s Not A Love Story releasing on August 19

After Rakta Charitra, which is film fiction based on real life incidents, Ram Gopal Varma has now made the film Not A Love Story which is based on the 2008 murder case against Kannada actress Maria Susairaj, who along with her naval officer Emile Jerome murdered Neeraj Grover, her ex-lover. The case is still in the courts of Karnataka.

Mahie Gill and Deepak Dobriyal are playing the lead roles while that of Victim Neeraj Grover is played by Ajay Gehl. A unique feature of the film is that it was shot in the same apartment where the murder took place.

Interestingly, the tagline of the film says : “In the summer of 2008, two lovers killed a man, had sex in front of the body, cut it into pieces, packed it in a shopping bag and disposed it”

The film, described as a slick murder mystery, is made in Hindi and will have Kannada and Telugu versions also. It is slated for release on August 19.

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