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RGV’s innovative marketing with Appalraju Brochure creating sensation

RGV’s innovative marketing with Appalraju Brochure creating sensation

RGV is famous for his trademark ways of marketing. Whatever RGV does creates buzz and interest in trade circles as well as audience. He has created a brand for himself and no one would deny that he cannot be ignored. RGV’s re-entry into telugu industry started with a sensation. He started the movie KSD Appalraju by releasing a song and from then every movement of his has been a sensation. Now he is creating a new sensation with release of KSD Appalraju brochure. This is the first time the characters of a film are introduced in form of a brochure. The design of the brochure done by Anil-Bhanu is very attractive and is catching the eye of film enthusiasts. While the brochure itself is attractive, the characters are very innovative and are making everyone think who the characters are. Characters like Divagnachaari, EV are easily identifiable, audience are looking to identify many other characters. Names are characters are very innovative. Appalraju’s father is Uppalraju( Chalapathi Rao). Ali is Rahman Sharma( Is he a hybrid of Rahman and mani Sharma?). He has covered every character that you see in film industry starting from reviewer to distributor and financier ensuring enough fun for all from this movie. RGV’s innovative idea is already catching up and increasing the craze for the film. The make up and mannerisms of characters are looking different making it the craziest movie telugu audience waiting for this season. Pl check out appalraju brochure here.

by Brahma Mahesh
[email protected]

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