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RGV’s column in Sakshi news paper

RGV’s column in Saakshi news paper

Ram Gopal Varma’s fairly controversial online space is making him earn his opinion. Certain posts on his blog, will now be turned into a weekly column for Telugu newspaper Sakshi, under the title Naa.

Varma writes on his blog, “It’s on my views, thoughts and experiences.” Confirming, he says, “Yes that is true. I have already started sending in some columns. I have the freedom to say anything that I want to. There are posts which could’ve been longer, but I let it be. Now I’ll finally get to finish them.”

“I can’t help it if what I say makes news for being controversial. I feel a certain way about things and if everyone else is allowed to have an opinion, why am I being called the controversial blogger?” RGV questions

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