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RGV’s “Agyat” hits Censor Board snag

RGV’s “Agyat” hits Censor Board snag

RGV’s “Agyat” hits Censor Board snag

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma has knack of getting into controversies. He also frequently goes on a collision course with the Censor Board. His film “Rann” ran into censor objection for the song “Jana Gana Mana Rann…”. The issue is referred to the Tribunal and awaiting decision.

Now, the Censor Board has objected to a song “Jai Shri Shambhu” from his latest film “Agyat”

The Censor Board stated that in the said track, the film’s heroine Priyanka Kothari, is seen puffing a chillum while she sings “Dum Maaro, Yeh Hai Sahara”. The Board asked RGV to re-edit the song as it depicts substance abuse.

RGV laments that scenes depicting people taking drugs is passed by the Censors in many films, but objects to just a symbolic chillum in his film.

As “Agyat” has to release on August 7, RGV truly faces a hurdle.

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