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RGV’s ‘Stalker’ creates sensation

RGV’s ‘Stalker’ creates sensation

‘Stalker’ featuring Priyanka Kothari under Kishore Bhargava’s direction is creating sensation attracting immense media attention. As it happens Kishore Bhargava is a protégé of maverick director Ram Gopal Varma and people are saying that the film is inspired by real life incident on Kangana Ranaut’s sister .

Buzz is the film revolves around acid attack that occurred on Kangana’s sister Rangoli in the year 2006.Sources say that RGV got the idea when he interacted with Kangana during Department shooting.Kangana’s sister reacting to this news said , “Kangana has never spoken to Ram Gopal Varma about my acid attack. We’re not aware of anyone making a film on the incident. If someone is doing so without our consent, we’ll take legal action.”.

When scribes contacted RGV he signed off saying, “I’m not associated with Stalker. Kishore, who was my assistant, is making the film based on media reports on stalking.”

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