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Report Card: The Past Week at the Bollywod Box Office

Report Card: The Past Week at the Bollywod Box Office

With some high expectations failing to even break even, and some unexpected films being a super success, the past week at the box office was a rollercoaster ride. Take a look at how the major Bollywood films fared last week.

Bombay Velvet: The biggest disappointment of the year! Made with a budget of 110 Crores, the film just made around 21 Crores and is a huge disaster.

Piku:A super success which was not really expected. Amitabh, Irfaan and Deepika’s perfect acting skills and a unique storyline gave it total collections of more than 60 Crores against a budget of 58 Crores. It’s going steady.

Gabbar is Back: Akshay’s charm at the box office continues with the film still going strong and having a total collections of 85 Crores against a budget of 50 Crore. The film is still running strong.

Mr X: Emraan Hashmi did get some viewers to the movie halls, though not at an earlier pace. The movie made against a budget of 40 Crore managed a collection of 20 Crore, and is turning to be a flop. The film is still limping in a few theatres.

Kuch Kuch Locha Hai: The film was so worse a sex comedy that even bombshell Sunny couldn’t save it much. It just seemed to make around 4.5 Crores, with collections limping at against a budget of 16 Crores. Sunny’s glamour might get it a few more crores at least in small centres.

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