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Renigunta Movie Review

Renigunta Movie Review

The Film
Renigunta is a dark film of crime, contract murder, gore and violence.

The Synopsis
In a village, the parents of Shiva (Johny) are killed by a local goon. While trying to liquidate the goon in a revenge reaction, Shiva is arrested and jailed. There he befriends four other hard-core criminals.
Shiva and his new-found friends escape from the jail with an intention to go to Mumbai to become supari assassins. As fate would have it, they get stuck in Renigunta. Shiva develops a soft corner for a deaf-mute girl (Sanusha). Then there are a series of contract killings. The rest of the story deals with what happens to Shiva and his criminal friends leading to a crime-doesn’t-pay climax.

The Performances
All the new comers in the film acquit themselves well. Johny and Sanusha have talent and the potential. All others are passable.

The Techniques
This dark story does not have sufficient justification for the killings and thus the revenge motivation lacks conviction. Similarly, there is no compulsive cause for the lead character to turn a contract killer. Episodes are conceived to contrive meaningless violence. The translation and dubbing is of poor quality. Music is irrelevant to this narration. Cinematography is good.

The Verdict
Themes like innocent youth being dragged into crime have been explored in innumerable movies. Renigunta, trying to be realistic, ends up as a crude attempt to state what everyone knows, ie, crime doesn’t pay. It is a dark film that tends to be gloomy.
You can watch Renigunta when it gets aired on TV.

The Cast and Crew
Johnny, Sanusha, Nishanth, Theepetti Ganeshan and others
Music Director : Ganesh Ragavedra
Producer : Suresh Kondeti
Director : Panneerselvam

The Rating
2.25 out of 5
Review by Deen Kumar

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