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Release of’Rough’-Tough for Nani

Release of'Rough'-Tough for Nani.

Rough is eager to hit the screen within this month with Lover boy  Aadi‘s new attempt to create a mass hero image is up by one step. This seems an action film with Rakul Preet Singh as the leading lady in the film and is directed by Subba Reddy being produced by Abhilash. As per the media it shows that the production house is planning for a gigantic release of this film in the third or fourth week of this month. The hero is trying to create and secure a safe image for himself in the cinema field which can possibly be a problem for another Hero Nani. The reason being that Nani’s most awaited film is also going to schedule a release the same time. Name of the film is ‘Jenda Pai Kapiraju‘ in the direction of Samuthirakhani. It has got bad reviews in Tamil. So the makers are worried about the same. A clash seems to be evitable since both the release is planned at the same time although both the heroes have their own smartness to pull their audience.

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