Rebel Movie Review

Rebel Movie Review

The Film

Rebel is a regular mass masala film which takes the often beaten track of vengeance with the usual flash back along with routine formula of half a dozen dances and an equal number of fights.

The Synopsis

Don Bhupathi (Krishnam Raju) is cheated by his own brother (Mukesh Rishi) and his odd job Simhadri (Pradeep Rawat). This part is revealed in a flash back. Bhupathi’s son Rishi ( Prabhas) is on his way to avenge his father’s betrayers. He is assisted by Narasaraju (Brahmanandam) and Raju (Supreeth). The story runs on predictable lines, taking turns between Hyderabad and Bangkok and ends in baddie-bashing by the hero.

The Performances

Prabhas looks stylish and tries his best to do a good job of a badly etched character. Tamanna dances her way to glory with lots of skin show. Deeksha Seth is coy in her cameo. Veteran Krishnam Raju is don personified. Brahmanandam and his other comedy colleagues fail to tickle the funny bone. Supreet is cool. Mukesh Rishi and Pradeep Rawat show professionalism. All others go through their motions.

The Techniques

The only intention of director Raghava Lawrence seems to be to show Prabhas as a stylish star and Tamanna as the dancing queen. To that extent he succeeded. The haphazard screenplay, the wayward narration and the unnecessarily long duration of the film often makes you squirm uncomfortably in the comfortable cushioned seat. The dialogues adds to your woes.The music is ordinary. Lawrence is in his elements in what he does best — choreography. The only redeeming feature is the cinematography. Production costs seem to be high but not the values.

The Verdict

Rebel makes you rebel against the techniques of Raghava Lawrence, who is obviously suffering from an acute poverty of creativity. The film has all the commercial elements, but does not entertain you because of a weak plot, weaker storytelling and weakest emotional quotient. For those, who have nothing interesting to do, this movie can be a welcome timepass, where you can even snooze if you like.

The Cast and Crew

Prabhas, Tamanna, Krishnam Raju, Deeksha Seth, Brahmanandam, Supreet, Mukesh Rishi, Pradeep Rawat, Ali, MS Narayana and others

Producers : J Pulla Rao & J Bhagawan
Banner: Sri Balaji Cine Media
Story, Screenplay, Music, Choreography & Direction: Raghava Lawrence

The Rating

2.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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