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Rebel Director And Producers At Loggerheads

Rebel Director And Producers At Loggerheads

The film Rebel starring Prabhas has taken almost two years to complete and was a disaster at the box office when it was finally released on September 28, 2012. The film has Raghava Lawrence as the writer, music composer, choreographer and director.

The producers of the film J Bhagwan and J Pulla Rao have now officially submitted a complaint to the AP Producers’ Council on Raghava Lawrence that the director exceeded the budget earmarked for the film. They stated that the film was to be made with Rs 22.5 crores (excluding cost of prints and publicity) but has gone up to Rs 40 crore. They alleged mismanagement of shooting schedules by the director in addition to some other acts of commission and omission.

Earlier, Raghava Lawrence also lodged a complaint with the AP Producers’ Council that the producers violated their agreement with him by selling away the dubbing rights, as those proceeds were to be part of his remuneration.

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