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Raveena Tandon In Sudipto’s Shobhana 7 Nights

Raveena Tandon In Sudipto’s Shobhana 7 Nights

Writer-Director Sudipto Chattopadhyay, who made the controversial but critically acclaimed film Pankh (2010), is now giving finishing touches to his second directorial venture titled Shobhana 7 Nights.

National Film Award winning actress Raveena Tandon plays the central character in the film as a high-society cougar. The term cougar refers to puma or mountain lion, a solitary feline native to American jungles. The Online Slang Dictionary defines cougar as a middle-aged woman who seeks out much younger men for romance or physical intimacy.

Sudipto decided to write and direct this film after watching some senior woman journalists go on cougar hunting. He is said to have taken Raveena clad in a burqa to a well known coffee shop in Mumbai where they could actually observe cougars live.

In the film Shobhana 7 Nights, Raveena also portrays a journalist hunting for young men and traps a struggling wannabe actor played by Amit Purohit.

Shobhana 7 Nights is due for release in December.

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