Ranjitha to visit Nithyananda Ashram

Ranjitha to visit Nithyananda Ashram

Actress Ranjitha, who was involved in sex scandal with Swami Nithyananda is all set to visit Swami’s Ashram.

We have no objection with the arrival of Ranjitha, say disciples of Swami. As a disciple, the Ashram is always open to Ranjitha said Muthu Sadanad. Swamiji too has no objection, he said.

For the past four months there are false stories in the media about the Ashram. On Monday, there was a news item in a TV channel describing Nithyananda as fake Swami, the disciple lamented.

4 Responses to “Ranjitha to visit Nithyananda Ashram”

  1. Jai says:

    This is an inaccurate article. There was no mention of Ranjitha visiting the ashram at the press conference, so how has this news been created?

  2. Reshma says:

    a twitter message nor does andhra news really qualify for any credibility. I know Ranjitha personally and was shocked that every media reported her as divorced just because it went well with the false story -so when I know they lie blatantly to just increase their trps and revenue hope that you will be able to see that this whole incident was just false and created at the cost of someones life

  3. jk says:

    It is high time that the media houses were sued their pants off for their scandalous, false, and poorly verified and maligning news items. And this site is no better doing the same.