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Ramu’s Sarkar Raj in release trouble

Ramu’s Sarkar Raj in release trouble Ramgopal Varma is always synonymous with controversy. He also has the knack of getting into trouble. Now, the bad news is that his Amitabh-Abhishek-Aishwarya starrer Sarkar Raj has run into trouble. However, the good news is that the trouble is not because of Ramu. The culprit is K Sera Sera.
Raju Shah, a film financier, filed a complaint with the Indian Motion Pictures Distribution Association (IMPDA). Shah claimed that K Sera Sera, co-producers of Sarkar Raj, had borrowed Rs 2 crore from his company at the time of the making of Chal Chala Chal and the Bobby Deol-starrer Ek and has not yet returned the money.
The IMPDA gave a decision in favour of Shah and decreed that K Sera Sera had to clear the amount or otherwise Sarkar Raj would not be registered on the Mumbai territory distributor’s name , Raksha Distributors.
Sarkar Raj has been planned for a big print release in Mumbai territory and everyone is eagerly awaiting an clearance of the loan by K Sera Sera.

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