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Ram Gopal Varma loves Jacqueline’s thighs!

Ram Gopal Varma loves Jacqueline's thighs!

Maverick film maker Ram Gopal Varma is known for making careless remarks, which are actually very carefully thought out to raise a controversy and keep him in the media headlines.

When asked whether he had seen Mahesh and Vikram Bhatt’s Murder 2, he replied that he had seen the film and loved Jacqueline’s thighs. It is his way of saying that the actual murder plot of the film is not to his liking.

RGV’s comments on Murder 2 are understandable as his own film Not A Love Story also has a murder plot. He says that his film is only based on a gruesome incident involving Maria, but his film itself is not gruesome. The film, he says is basically a love story and the murder was the result of an emotional rage and extreme passion of the moment.

Bollywood watchers say that RGV’s comments on Jacqueline’s thighs indicate that he will surely cast her in one of his next films.

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