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Ram Gopal Varma justifies Dongala Mutha with evidence

Ram Gopal Varma justifies Dongala Mutha with evidence

Ram Gopal Varma feels that his belief has come true with Dongala Mutha, where quality is not affected with small Canon camera without shooting by a costly super 35 camera.  Audience did not complain about picture quality after watching Dongala Mutha.

Dongala Mutha proved that it does not make any difference if the movie is completed in five days or in 120 days with 7 crew members or with 200 crew members.

Cameraman is not required to make a film.  For any commercial movie the bench mark is how much the producer has spent and how much he got in return or how much he lost.  For how much a buyer bought and how much money he made or lost.  These will not apply to Dongala Mutha, as there is no expenditure and the movie was not sold.  There is no comparison with hero’s last movie.

Here is the comparative table of Ravi Teja’s Mirapakaya and Dongala Mutha

Description Mirapakay Dongala Mutha
Film’s expenditure Rs 14 crore Rs 6 lakh
Release theatres Over 300 Over 300
Ravi Teja working days 8 months 5 days
From start to Finish 8 months 33 days
First show collection & amount needed for break-even 90% of investment 10 times profit on investment

In short, Dongala Mutha became super duper hit with just one show.

Discussion Over – Ram Gopal Varma

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