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Ram Gopal Varma INTERVIEW

Ram Gopal Varma INTERVIEW

Ram Gopal Varma INTERVIEW

Ram Gopal Varma talks about his forthcoming Telugu film “Raktha Charithra” based on the life and times of Paritala Ravi.

Excerpts :

On making a film on Paritala Ravi

In every man’s life there will be certain emotional and other interesting aspects. In the case of politicians like Paritala Ravi such incidents will be more in number and more interesting.

On north audience accepting a south factionist story

Does the back-drop of “Godfather” anywhere near to our culture? Do we know anyone who is like Don Vito Corloen? But this film has been appreciated by the entire world. The Don character is also liked by all.

Earlier I made films like “Satya” and “Company” which have only Mumbai feel, but they have been liked by people all over India. So, the feel and backdrop are not the only important things.

The emotional quotient, situational drama and the explosion of emotions are more important and takes the film closer to the audience. Even the film “Raktha Charitra” has similar characters with emotional conflicts.

On the protagonist of “Raktha Charitra”

There will not be characters who are confined to only one region. Take Mumbai where every one has a modern style of living. Even in Mumbai there are leaders like Bal Thakerey and Rak Thakerey. They have their own followers among people. Thus every character has its uniqueness. Similarly, the characters in “Raktha Charithra” will have their own uniqueness.

On the hero and villain in “Raktha Charithra”

If you see the film “Satya”, who is the hero and who is the villain? Even in “Raktha Charithra” Vivek Oberoi and Surya play their own typical roles. The entire film will be in the rural backdrop.

On the cast and crew

The rest of the cast and crew are being finalized and we will start shooting soon.

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