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Ram Gopal Varma and terror films

Ram Gopal Varma and terror films

Ram Gopal Varma and terror films

Recently, there had been lot of controversy when Ram Gopal Varma went to the terrorist attacked Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, when people accused him of trying to make commercial benefit out of a terrorist induced tragedy.

However, the fact remains that Ram Gopal Varma has not made any film on terrorism so far. He only made films on the Indian terrorists/goondas of the underworld. He made only horror films and nothing on terror.
There had been films on terrorism by Indian film makers.

Manitatnam’s Roja, (1992) Dil Se (1998) and Bombay(1995) all dealt with terrorism. Then noted lyricist Gulzar made Maachis (1996) followed by Sarfrosh (1999) starring Aamir Khan directed by John Mathew Mathan.

Fiza (2000) with Karishma Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan dealt with terrorism. Black Friday (2007) and A Wednesday (2009) a film by Neeraj Pandey on terrorism were hits.

Perhaps, RGV can make a more profound film on terrorism.

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