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Ram Gopal Varma: “I hate Michael Jackson”

Ram Gopal Varma: “I hate Michael Jackson”

Ram Gopal Varma: “I hate Michael Jackson”

Director Ram Gopal Varma maintains his own blog rgvzoomin.com. After knowing the sudden demise of King of Pop Michael Jackson he made a blog entry.

RGV wrote that back in the times when he was in college in Vijayawada, a friend took him to a video parlour to show Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Being constantly fed on a staple diet of Telugu and Hindi songs he was startled to see the unimaginably high standards of picturisation, choreography and he was awe-struck by the sheer personality of Michael Jackson.

RGV also wrote that in the film industry whenever he and even his other colleagues discuss a song picturisation, they invariably used to fall back for inspiration or to copy from Michael Jackson’s videos.

Ram Gopal Varma attended Michael Jackson’s live concert in Mumbai along with Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan. RGV says that on stage Michael Jackson looked like some being who has come from some other world in outer space as a favour to entertain all of us for a little while.

RGV concludes his blog on the death of Michael Jackson with the following moving sentences:
“I hate Michael Jackson…I hate him for dying and making me realize that he is finally only a human being…I hate that he too has to breathe to live…I hate that he too has a heart which can stop like anybody else’s…I hate that I lived to see a scroll on CNN “Michael Jackson’s body sent to Mortuary”…I truly hate Michael Jackson for becoming a grim reality from a fantastic fantasy…I love you Michael wherever you are… and I will always love you.”

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