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Ram Gopal Varma – Sunil movie launch on Aug 27

Ram Gopal Varma – Sunil movie launch on Aug 27

Katha Screenplay Darshakathvam – Appala Raju under the direction of Ram Gopal Varma with Sunil as hero will be launched on August 27. Regular shooting will be commenced from September.

A song will be shot using 27 cameras. A character named EV will run a website called halfbrain.com in the film. Surely, Ram Gopal Varma will take on websites which often rubbish run of the mill movies.

Sunil is basking on the success of his latest film Maryada Ramanna. “I am actually a genius but since surrounded with stupidiots like you I have come down to being just intelligent, tweeted Ram Gopal Varma in reply to a query: Are you intelligent or trying to be intelligent?

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