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Ram Charan-Upasana say no to costly wedding gifts

Ram Charan-Upasana say no to costly wedding gifts

Ram Charan Teja and Upasana Kamineni who are getting married on June 14 have requested relatives and friends to donate to Upasana’s NGO called Save A Child’s Heart instead of buying expensive gifts for them.

Dinaz is the wedding planner for this big fat Tollywood wedding. Art director Anand Sai has designed the wedding sets which will have a small Shiv-Parvati temple on one side. Students from the National Institute of Design are creating a Nandi out of suspended glass balls from the ceiling.

The marriage décor is in different shades of blue and grey with the temple at the wedding crafted with woven beads hand-woven in Ferozabad as Upasana wished to create employment by having most of her décor hand woven.

The wedding and reception will take place in Hyderabad. Some of the Bollywood guests who are expected to attend the wedding include Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan.

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