Ram Charan on his Family And Friends

Ram Charan on his Family And Friends

Ram Charan may be just five films old but he is a phenomenon. Being the son of Chiranjeevi who was the undisputed king of Tollywood before becoming Union Minister, his every small and single move is dissected. Even a small tiff is blown out of proportions.

Ram Charan getting candid spoke about his childhood,family and friends. He said he married Upasana after 7yrs friendship, 1 yr dating. He said she knows how to calm him down and always reverberates with energy which he can not match. He however said that she turns jealous when he hugs him mom.

Cherry said his mom is his best friend and always shielded from dad and teachers. He revealed how he changed 8 schools and still remembers how he instigated strikes. Stating that he was an average student and discontinued B.Com, he disclosed how he trained Rana to be naughty.

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