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Rakta Charitra contoversy: T’wood Hero’s shaved head

Rakta Charitra contoversy: T'wood Hero's shaved head

Ram Gopal Varma is not new to controversies. But, some still photos of his fortcoming film Rakta Charitra show Vivek Oberoi playing the role of Paritala Ravi overseeing another person being clean shaved.

When Paritala Ravi, the powerful Telugu Desam politician was alive, there were reports that he detained a popular Tollywood hero when he crossed his path and got his head clean shaved. That particular hero is said to have not acted in a film for a whole year at that time.

Fan clubs of this hero reportedly sent threats to Ram Gopal Varma to delete those scenes and the director is not heeding to them. The fans are in a fix because if they come out openly, the hero’s name would be known to all.

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