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Rakta Charitra 2 release on Dec 3

Rakta Charitra 2 release on Dec 3

Ram Gopal Varma’s Rakta Charitra 2, originally scheduled for release on November 19, is postponed to December 3. RGV planned to release the Part 2 of the film within a month of the first one so that the audience can easily connect with the continuity. The first part of Rakta Charitra has been well received by both the Telugu and Hindi audience.

The main reason for the postponement for the release of Rakta Charitra is said to be to avoid clash with the last part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which is slated for release on November 19. The Hollywood film is being released in Hindi and Telugu versions also.

As the Harry Potter film is generating lot of expectations, RGV and producer Madhu Mantena reportedly decided to postpone the release of Rakta Charitra 2 to December 3.

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