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Rakta Charitra 2 close to masterpiece

Rakta Charitra 2 close to masterpiece

If Rakta Charitra is good, Rakta Charitra 2 is better. Ram Gopal Varma deserves all praise for his gripping and engrossing narration.

In Rakta Charitra 2 Surya overshadows Vivek Oberoi. It is a superb debut for talented actor Surya. Surya’s emotions while driving the car after killing Pratap is excellent scene and ranks top among all other scenes.

The fight scene in court is also very gripping with high voltage. Those who thought there is mindless violence in the first part of Rakta Charitra will agree that Rakta Charitra 2 is a movie worth watching.

Normally, Ram Gopal Varma does not preach with his movies. In Rakta Charitra 2 his message at the end is truly praiseworthy. Ram Gopal Varma dedicates the movie to all those who died in the violence.

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Rakta Charitra 2 Movie Review
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