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Rajni’s magnanimity

Rajnikanth is a true gentleman. He is a superstar but he never lets stardom blur his outlook towards life. Rajnikanth is now acting in a bilingual film Kucheludu. The film is being made in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously.
Rajni’s role in the film is actually very short. But director P Vasu has added a lot of stuff keeping Rajni’s image in mind. The role is now nearly 45 minutes in length. Rajnikanth is not at all happy with the development.
Rajnikanth gave a clear hint of hi displeasure to Vasu recently. Rajni feels that the real focus and attention should be on Jagapathi Babu. He plays the role of a poor barber with a wife and three children. He struggles to make ends meet. Rajni wants the director to concentrate on Jagapathi Babu’s role and not on his role.
Can you think of any other hero who will think and act like Rajni? No chance!

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