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Rajnikanth thanks fans

Rajnikanth thanks fans

After being discharged from the hospital, when I lift a paper and pen to write to my fans, I seem to be missing words.

I am writing to you all after speaking to honourable Chief Minister who promised I could get any help from the state government and a dear friend who has always cared for me, Kalaignar.

I apologise for not talking to you all for so long. Even when everything has become digitalized today, we still toss a coin before every game to see who plays first. Our job ends with the toss, while Almighty decides the head or tail.

In the game I just went through, on one side was money, science, medicine, best of doctors in the world, whereas, the other side was filled with prayers, fasts, poojas and other religious aspects. I truly believe the latter, that is the prayers, is what helped me pass through this phase.

You have all proved to the world on love your for Rajini, if I am seeing a speedy recovery today, it is because of the all of you. You have all considered me as a brother and a son of your family and done poojas for my well-being, and that is what has helped me pass through this stage.

I won’t forget all of your love and care even in all my lives to come. I don’t have words to thank you all. It is my aim hereafter to make you all happy.

I will soon appear to entertain you through ‘Rana.

I pray to God for the well-being of all of you,

Always yours,


18 – 6 – 2011

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